Lodge of Instruction...

A little about our Lodge of Instruction, when and where we meet.

We hold regular Lodge of Instruction meetings every Tuesday between the beginning of September and the end of March, the exceptions being any Tuesday directly following a Lodge meeting and over the Christmas / New Year period.  All our LoI's are held at the Harrow District Masonic Centre (HDMC) in Kenton, Middlesex... click here for details and directions.

Whilst we obviously couldn't run an LoI without at least 5 brethren, it is usual for current officers and regulars to attend most Tuesday's and therefore we ask members to submit/send apologies by at least 18:00 so the Preceptor and/or the Secretary can inform others if a meeting is not viable.


Brethren of other lodges are always welcome to join us, and take up specific offices whenever possible, or practice specific peices of ritual, our Preceptor and Mentor are always ready to help.

At Sudbury lodge we use Universal Ritual, with a little 'Sudbury' working thrown in.

It is our normal practice to run our LoI meetings similar to that of a regular meeting, rather than just practicing a specific ceremony or peice of ritual, thus enabling brethren to practice all aspects and allow brethren to practice/participate in different offices, particularly if a brother is 'filling in' at a meeting or preparing for a future office.

What does LoI cost?

Each brother is asked to contribute a small fee at each LoI meeting, this is to pay for hire of the room, or temple rent, at the centre.

It is also customary to circulate the 'charity hand' at each LoI which usually realises something similar to the dues of the evening.

Whilst we obviously need to focus our LoI meetings on up and coming meetings, we will always try and accomodate other brethren wherever possible, with the possible exception of our officer nights (the Tuesday prior to our meetings) when we will normally require our own officers to assume their respective offices.

So, if you are looking to join a local LoI, looking for one that easier to attend, or would simply like some more information, please contact us.

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